Max, A Sweet Schuco Yes/No Bear from the 1920s

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Max is an old Schuco yes/no bear from the 1920s.  Like other bears of this type, he has a metal mechanism in his “tail” which you operate by hand in order to make his head move from side to side, and up and down. Max is one of the earliest type of yes/no bears and is fully jointed with boot button eyes.  

His condition isn’t bad considering he is 100 years old. He doesn’t have very much fur left, and his felt paw pads have been replaced. There are some minor sewing repairs near his foot pads but nothing really noticeable, and what looks like a small sewing repair to the fabric on his tail. He has lost one side of his embroidered smile.

Max’s yes/no mechanism works smoothly on the side to side movement, but the up and down movement can be a bit clunky, you need to have the tail in a particular position for it to work properly.

Schuco yes/no bears are very popular with collectors, and are becoming harder to find. Max would make a nice addition to a collection. He measures      

approximately 13 inches tall.