Deans Rag Book 1930s Pa Coney Rabbit

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This is a rare Deans Rag Book Pa Coney Rabbit dating from the 1930s.  This fellow has had some “work done” - his feet and underclothes have been restored , but his head  is original including his trademark spectacles. He is wearing an old corduroy suit, this has a sewing repair near the shoulder.  His internal wire structure is poking out of the top of each ear, unfortunately this is extremely common in old toys of this type of construction. Although he no longer has his foot label, he has an early Deans button on his upper leg under the corduroy trousers,  many collectors consider a button as being even more desirable than a label because of their scarcity. It also means he is one of the earlier models. He is a good size, measuring about 20 inches  in length, a great character and a nice collectors item.